02 January 2007

Hannah, circa 1976

Do you remember the "Memories" post a few weeks ago, when I couldn't upload the photo of Hannah? I've just found the same photo on another CD and this time it's worked.

She was about 2½ and we were on holiday in North Devon. I think this was taken on the beach at Ilfracombe, but it could have been Croyde or Woolacombe. But no matter ... this is she, my little girl who gets married in May.

And this is her mother, circa 1998 - on the gin again! Purely medicinal, of course!

This was taken in the garden I showed you photos of yesterday, and I was obviously taking a well-earned break!


Clare said...

Hi Sue, wasn't she a sweetie?! I think I've seen that photo of you before - that's a very big bottle of gin!!! Look forward to seeing lots more photos (not necessarily of the gin bottle!) Clare x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Great photos Sue and fun memories for you I am sure.

kelly said...

You LUSH!!! What a gorgeous little girl, she is a picture of perfection!

Nonnie said...

Nothing wrong with being on the gin!
Lovely photos.

lyn said...

Yes please. I'll have one of those nice gins. : )