07 January 2007

Magic Moments

I've just got back from a trip to Northampton to pack more boxes in readiness for Mum's house move. Built-in wardrobes hide a multitude of unexpected treasures as well as clothes! The list of contents included:

The clockface of my grandparents' grandfather clock (carcase long-since gone), Dad's incredibly heavy portable typewriter, the grey top hat he wore to my wedding no. 1, some very kitch padded coathangers, a billiard cue from the quarter-size billiard table we had in the 1960s, a suitcase of photographs from the 1950s to 1970s (didn't have time to look through those, but hopefully I'll be able to do that when they live next door!) and, best of all, the old Grundig tape recorder.

We decided there really was no point in keeping the tape recorder but opened the lid and there was one of those 6" diameter tape in it (the likes of which many of you are probably too young to remember) so we plugged it in and persuaded the tape to start turning. The play button was OK, but fast forward and rewind refused to work. Mum and I then sat enthralled, listening to Hannah's singing recital. It started with All Things Bright and Beautiful, followed by Goosey Goosey Gander, See Saw Marjorie Daw, and practically every other nursery rhyme in creation. The finale was another rendition of All Things Bright and Beautiful. Mum used to look after her when I was at work and I think she was home from nursery with a cold at the time, if the sneeze mid song was anything to go by. Ever the performer she just carried on ... I think we sat there listening for a good half-hour. The best one was what sounded like Treacle Treacle Little Star, although I think that was just poor diction due to her cold!!

So ... the tape recorder must stay. I can't wait for Han's reaction when she hears it!

The car is still loaded up with other goodies - slide projector and hundreds (or maybe thousands) or transparencies and my dolls house (in need of restoration) among other things. Dad made it for me - not sure of the year but it would have been early to mid-1950s. I tried to 'update' it when Hannah was little and made a hash of it, so I'm hoping to do a better job of it when I get a chance.

I'll endeavour to post some photos next time.


kelly said...

What a lovely thing to find, it must have been rather moving to hear it after all this time. I have a tape of both of my kids singing and reading a story when they were each about 4 years old. Its a great thing to have.

Cherry Menlove said...

What a lovely blog you have. It's such a treat to wake up on a Monday morning and find a nice new one. I look forward to hearing more about your adventures. My heart is in West Dorset so perhaps we'll end up in your neck of the woods one day.
If you get the chance, take the filter off the comments approval so that anybody can comment on your lovely blog. I just know that those without Google or Blogger accounts will want to join in the conversation and right now it won't let you. :-(

Cherry Menlove

Nonnie said...

How lovely to find all those treasures, especially the tape recorder. It must have been magical to hear it after all the years.
Please show us pictures of the dolls house. Would love to see it even before you start work on it.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Thank you, Nonnie! I'll endeavour to take a photo of the dolls house sometime today. The tape recording was such fun.

Cherry, any part of Dorset is good for me. We love it. Do you ever visit Burton Bradstock? I love it there, and it's only an hour away. When we lived in Northampton our best holidays were spent wandering around the county from our base in West Lulworth. (You'll see I've thanked you for your technical advice in a new post!)

Clare said...

What a wonderful memory to have! Perhaps you could play it at the wedding reception?!! Clare x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Clare - I did think about that, but I don't think Han would be very impressed somehow!