16 January 2007

Shepton Mallet Antiques Fairs 2007

Nonnie asked for some dates for the above and so I thought I'd set them out in a post rather than as a reply to a posting so that anyone who would like to make a note of the dates can do so. They run from Friday to Sunday but Friday afternoon is generally for trade (and the entrance fee is £10). Saturday and Sunday are open to all (£5.00). The dates are:

19/20/21 January
23/24/25 March
11/12/13 May
21/22/23 September

I don't have the dates for November to hand.

The one-day Giant Flea Market dates for 2007 are:

28 January
? March (not certain about this one)
17 June
26 August
14 October
and there is usually one in December

The venue is the Royal Bath and West Showground at Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

The nimble fingered among you might also be interested to know that the Stitch and Creative Craft Show SW is at the same venue from 19-22 April 2007.

I thought you might like to see this wonderful linen tablecloth. Isn't it fabulous? I can't find any problems with it at all. I hope it becomes someone's "must have" over the weekend. It deserves a loving home. It was certainly a labour of love ironing it, but well worth the time and trouble.

And Nonnie - it would be super to meet you if you find you can get to one of the Fairs.


Clare said...

Hi Sue, We'll certainly see you at the weekend and hopefully at pretty much most of the other dates as well! If only we weren't so far away - those early morning starts are a killer! Clare x

Sharon Kay said...

I live in the US...In Ohio and I love all the fairs you have... We have craft shows in the US and they may be the same things. I love to see all the wonderful treasures you find at the fairs. Visit September Morn when you have time.

Nostlagia at the Stone House said...

Good luck (again) Sue....hope it is a good one!

Shabby in the City said...

Ummmm...I think I can find a place for that tablecloth :)

cityfarmer said...

You tempt me so!!!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I get the distinct impression it's going to be another wet one. Niki, you'll be pleased not to be standing this time, I'm sure. I've sorted most of the boxes of stock and just have to collect some tablecloths and linen sheets from the Dairy House tomorrow morning. Oh yes, I still have plenty of baby gowns to iron but having timed them at 15 minutes a gown I may decide that less is more! Please don't let it rain tomorrow afternoon while I'm trying to load the car! Sue

kelly said...

Hi Sue,
I hope the fair is a success. I will miss not being there, Im addicted to it! BUT, Ive got too many things going on at once right now. We hope to be permanently moved in by the 25th of jan. Dont worry about the eiderdowns ( and everything else) Im in no hurry. Let us know how it goes at the fair. I have this awful feeling I am going to miss a spectacular bargain.

Nonnie said...

Thanks for the dates Sue. I will definitely try to come to one of them. This weekend is no good as I'm away but March or May. I'll put the dates in the diary straight away. Love that table cloth by the way. I'm sure someone will snap it up at the weekend.

carolyn said...

Hope all goes well for you at the fair, hopefully the weather will improve a little.

Vintage to Victorian said...

Nonnie - let me know if you decide to come to one of them and I'll send you a preferential ticket to save a couple of pounds on entry. I usually have a spare one.

Carolyn - thank you. It was a bit breezy loading the car just now but hopefully the wind will have dropped by tomorrow because it's a very open site and chilly at the best of times.

Clare said...

Hi again Sue, the very best of luck for tomorrow and the weekend - look forward to seeing you and standing in for you if you need a coffee break or a browse! Clare x

Anita said...

Sue, I would love to meet you two at one of those fairs... but way are they/you so far away from me???