21 January 2007

Ready to put my feet up!

Thank you to you all for your good wishes for the Antiques Fair, and thank you to everyone to reads this blog and bought from me over the weekend. After Friday's mega purchases I behaved myself quite well, and had plenty of customers yesterday which was good. Today was a peculiar day and although there were plenty of people, sales were very slow until an hour before packing up time. And in that last hour I did a normal daysworth of sales, so was able to come home happy and smiling, albeit tired. I'm pleased to tell you both the gramophone and the lovely white cutwork cloth sold - each going to a "good home"!

What I can never understand is how I manage to load everything in the car on a Thursday afternoon, sell some quite large items and then be unable to get everything in the car on Sunday evening at the end of the Fair. I know I bought plenty, but I brought all that home yesterday!

I met a lovely lady called Louise this afternoon. She and her friend, whose name I didn't find out, bought a few items from me and then Louise told me she has read my blog. I was thrilled to meet someone who recognised me from my blog. Whether it was my business card, or whether Niki told her where to find me I'm not sure, but either way it was a pleasure to meet them both. And isn't it a small world. For the first 6 years of my life I lived in Shirley, near Solihull, and her friend did too - and she knows Northampton well. If you read my blog regularly you'll know that is my home town.

No photos tonight, but we'll see what the coming week brings.


lettuce said...

I so love looking at your photos, such beautiful things.

The "string" is particularly appealing! any tassels in with that?

If you have time to visit my Niddy Noddy blog, I'm looking for some expert advice.....

Anita said...

I am glad you had an excellent time at the fair! How nice to meet one of your blog readers!d I would have loved to go there and meet you, too! I have never been to an antique faire... we don't have them over here in Germany, what a pity!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Lettuce - Message on your blog!

Anita - What a shame you don't have antiques fairs in Germany. You'd have such a wonderful time!! Perhaps it's time you booked your ticket so you can come over here and visit some of ours! In the meantime enjoy them through the various blog posts Niki, Clare and I leave for you!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
Glad that you had a good day in the end. I am sure that you must be worn out, so take care of yourself, I know you will be busy next week again!

Yes, I do think I know the lady that you spoke of. I met her and her husband last weekend! She bought me flowers that I put on my blog! So very kind!
Maybe we can persuade her to start blogging?! - If you are reading this Louise, 'What about it?!!'

Vintage to Victorian said...

HI Niki - I saw your post re the flowers. It must be the same Louise. She was telling me what a lovely person you are, and we had an in depth discussion on your paperweights! Sue x

Clare said...

Hi Sue, glad to hear the fair was a success - make sure you take tomorrow off! I think there's a name for that law where 'what comes out, doesn't always go back in even if it's depleted'!!! And I'm sure it has a much shorter name! It was great to see you yesterday and thank you for the tickets! Mike is very pleased with the latest addition to his collection and I'm already wondering how I'll part with my purchases!!! Clare x