16 February 2007

Flushed with Pride ...

... we have a new loo!

And the bath is fitted and is apparently safe to use. The basin is another matter entirely as we now realise our plumber is a "why make things easy when you can make it really difficult" type of chap. A born pessimist which is a shame. I have a feeling that we could still be living in anticipation by this time next week, but looking on the bright side I am telling myself that all will be fine and the tiling, basin, shower and towel rail will all be done in time for the wedding!!!

And with my trusty 1" brush I might even have emulsioned every wall in the house. Mind you, as time goes by I might decide I need to do SERIOUS DECORATING and use a proper brush and crack on. I'm not too sure that Paul realises just what I intend getting done between now and 5 May, but as long as he keeps his head down and lies low he might survive the onslaught.

I mentioned a rude word yesterday ... CARPET ... which sent him off in a fit of apoplexy. And that was before we'd been out to buy the tiles today. But what's a husband of 29 years, 10 months and 2 weeks for, if not to whip out a piece of plastic at the tills in Topps Tiles, Wickes and Focus. I think he's been let off quite lightly really ... I might have decided we needed hand-cut tiles, 22ct gold taps and shag pile up to his armpits. As it is I've been very restrained and we have a basic white suite, a shower which I hope will give a good downpour rather than a drizzle, standard chrome taps and the plain tiles rather than the mosaics. The plumber took one look at the mosaics and came up with 101 reasons why we shouldn't have them without stopping for breath! As for the carpet I'll do some furtive measuring to see just what sort of acreage we're talking about to do the whole house in one fell swoop. It may sound extravagant, but put yourself in my position ... when a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do ...

Sorry there are no photos today, but maybe tomorrow. That's all for tonight, folks!


Shabby in the City said...

You are hilarious! Congrats on the new loo.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
What a positive attitude you have! Go for it while you are in the mood...if these things drag on nothing gets done....I admire your energy!
Have a great weekend and enjoy using your new loo!

Clare said...

Hi Sue, Phew! It sounds to me as if the whole house will be done and finished in time for the wedding (which it will need to be as I seem to remember you saying the garden was going to get your attention too!!!)

I've decorated many a room with a 1" brush by the way - it's tantamount to cleaning the floor with a toothbrush really, isn't it?!!!

Clare xx

PS. I think all plumbers are natural pessimists for some reason!

photowannabe said...

I would be flushed with pride too. Funny update and since we just got finished doing some work on our bathroom, I know exactly how you feel. Its wonderful when everything is working again.
Except for my photos on my blog. Don't know what the problem is.