10 February 2007

This and That ...

A bit of an odd day today. Nothing specifically achieved, but progress nevertheless.

I collected another carpet sample for Mum and it's perfect, so on Monday we'll be asking them to measure up and getting the carpet ordered. Meanwhile, I brought the other samples home and I think we may have found the right one for our house - once the bathroom work has been done next week. At last everyone is synchronised and the plumber, the builder and the electrician are all ready for action. Lets hope they still are on Monday morning!

I took a few photos for you but the colours won't be true as they were taken in artificial light this evening. The eiderdown is new today, bought from another dealer. I've had my eye on it for a week or so and was so pleased today to find it hadn't sold!!

These chenille curtains are a wonderful rich raspberry/strawberry colour in daylight (difficult to imagine maybe, but it's definitely somewhere between the two). They have never been used and one still has the original label stapled at the bottom.

The tied quilt is probably a cutter as it is very faded on one side, has loose edges and a few thin areas. I just felt it needed a good home when I saw it. I'll inspect it thoroughly again and decide whether it could be repaired sufficiently well to be usable or whether it will end up as bags and cushions!

I also bought a beautiful vintage pair of floral linen union double-width x 7'6" long curtains. I was going to show you those as well, but I took them round to show Mum and would you believe it - the colours are absolutely perfect with the proposed new carpet, her table lamp and shade, the carpet and blinds in the conservatory and her suite. They really tie everything in together and we at last have a vision of what her sitting room will look like once it's finished. I may need to shorten them by a couple of inches, but otherwise they're fine.

Finally here's a vaguely and accidentally co-ordinated little corner of our home.

The curtains are hanging to get rid of some of the creases as they've been in the armoire for months. (They will eventually be for sale as I'm informed they're too dark for our house!) The hatbox is a recent acquisition and doesn't yet have a proper home, but it blends quite well with the curtains, the 1980s M&S silk flowers and cushion cover. Luckily I've managed to hide the very unco-ordinated mustard coloured 1960s swirly patterned carpet. The Edwardian salon chair is there because there's nowhere else for it.

I'll be soooo glad when the bathroom work is done so that we can start decorating, carpeting, rearranging furniture and making this house a proper home. It really isn't a pretty sight at the moment, and I'm beginning to feel the need for some sort of order and tranquillity!


Clare said...

Hi Sue, what some gorgeous things you've gathered together - the eiderdown is a beauty and I love the chenille curtains - so rare to find them in new condition.

Enjoy your co-ordinated corner, it all looks lovely!

Clare zx

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Mmmmm! I have my eye on those chenille curtains!

Cherry Menlove said...

Oh the eiderdown is to die for. I love it.

Cherry xx