18 February 2007

A New Game ...

I was blog browsing this morning and came across Twinkle Pink's clever photo and thought it would be fun to 'have a go' myself. So, with no further ado, as the saying goes, please enjoy this bundle of clouds and sunsets. I know you've seen some of them before, but they were the easiest to put together for this experiment.

I'd really appreciate some constructive criticism as to whether the slide show is too long, too short, too boring, easy on the eye or otherwise, etc as this is a whole new world for me. I've just noticed that you can speed it up if you wish, which might not be a bad thing!

Meanwhile, I spent most of yesterday emulsioning the hall, stairs and landing. Just a little bit to finish off and then I can start on the next room!! Decisions, decisions ... sitting room (cluttered), our bedroom (even more cluttered), spare bedroom (don't go there). And as for bed 3/the office/this place where I spend too much time ... it's a non-starter until the electrician has done his stuff. My desk/corner/life has to be removed to enable him to get wiring up through the floorboards from the meter downstairs, up into the roof, across the roofspace to the other side of the house and down into the bathroom for the shower and towel rail. Oh joy ... where will I be put? And will I ever find anything again?

I worry about me sometimes ... I've just offered to get the paintbrush out at Mum's before her new carpets are laid (that gives me about 3 weeks). So I can't stay chatting. That's now 2 houses to decorate before the wedding. I might just have to be the first mother-of-the-bride who turns up in designer paint-slatter. I'll soon be in panic mode as I think the next few weeks are going to be some of the busiest I've experienced in several years!In 10 days' time I'll be emptying all my stock from Somerton Antiques Centre and transporting it (not sure how yet - you've seen the size of my car) to Dairy House Antiques at Semley (30 miles away).

Bathroom's taking shape by the way. The plumber achieved and will be back to achieve even greater things tomorrow (with a bit of luck and a fair wind). And I must go shopping ... I'm running out of time. It's hubby's birthday on Wednesday (he'll be 63, but don't tell anyone!) and I only have tomorrow free. I knew his birthday was soon, but I didn't appreciate quite HOW soon as I have one of those lives where day-to-day living doesn't often require knowledge of actual dates. I must address this as the pre-wedding days are ticking away rapidly and if I'm not careful we shall be into post-wedding days and I'll still be chasing my tail.

I'll keep you posted!

PS I've just counted up all the blogs that I've listed in my favourites (rather than having them all on my sidebar. I have 110 - so if you think I'm ignoring you I'm probably not. You could well be part of my daily blog fix! Have a jolly day!


Jane said...

What is it about loved ones birthdays that turn up unexpectedly? You know when they are but they still manage to surprise you! This has happened to me time and again so I sympathise with you Sue...I think it got worse when we were renovating the house so you have the perfect excuse...We added half a house I was nearly insane by the end of the process but worth it in the end! Love the slideshow btw

Clare said...

Hi Sue

Like the slideshow - good choice of photos, very relaxing.

Now Sue, I am really tired today having been up since the crack of dawn to go to a non-existent 'antiquey' car boot - and now I feel even more exhausted just listening to your current and forthcoming exploits! Perhaps you could arrange a few days at a health farm just prior to the wedding - it sounds like you'll need some R&R!

Clare xx

PS. Do you think you could send some of that energy my way?!

Vintage to Victorian said...

Thanks for letting me have an excuse, Jane! I'm afraid we're gluttons for punishment as this is the 9th property we've done 'works' to. And this is actually the easiest one!!

Sorry Clare, fresh out of energy now, having finished off all I could on the landing (waiting for new plaster to dry so I can't quite finish), followed by shoving the spare beds (and the contents underneath them) across the room so I could paint the wall behind the bedheads.

I think the sun will be over the yardarm very shortly. Can't wait till 6.00 tonight!

Shame about the car boot!

Anonymous said...

Oh sue, you poor girl! you are indeed busy, but sometimes busy is nice. There will be plenty of time for relaxing soon enough. The slide show was really lovely, great pics and a fun format!

photowannabe said...

Hi Sue, what a wild schedule you have. you sound so resourceful though and I'm sure you will get it all done on time.
The slideshow is very restful and the shots are beautiful.

bigbikerbob said...

Hi, First time visit hav'nt had time yet to go right through blog but what i've sen so far I like.Like you there never seems enough hours in the day even though neither of us are working.keep up yhe good work

Nonnie said...

Gosh you are busy at the moment but I'm sure all the hard work will be more than worth it. I really like the slideshow. You have some really amazing sky pictures. It's very relaxing to watch. So maybe you should sit down for a moment or two and watch it too!

Libbys Blog said...

Gosh how many fingers in how many pies???? So much to do and so little time to do it!!! Thanks for dropping by!!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Thanks for your blog visit... my family originated on the other edge of Exmoor.... Parracombe, Trentishoe, Martinhoe, Lynton & Lynmouth!
Hmmm, you're a busy lady, enjoy your new bathroom. I renovated mine a couple of years ago and I really enjoy it!