01 February 2007

One Week On ...

... and Mum's house is beginning to look like a home. We've all been busy in various ways and Mum says she's feeling very at home there, although she's still coming back here for an evening meal and to sleep. I think her plan is to have a sleepover practice run at the weekend!!

Meanwhile I've made a huge decision - to leave the Antiques Centre at Somerton and move my stock to a larger room at Dairy House Antiques at Semley. It may seem odd, bearing in mind we came to live in Somerton seven months ago, but for various reasons it is the right thing to do and will all be happening at the beginning of March. It will seem very strange initially, but I'm really looking forward to it and have lots of ideas on how to utilise the extra space. I shall still be doing the Shepton fairs and with my new website (for "imminent" mentioned in a recent post, now read "in due course"!) as well, I hope I'll be able to get the balance right.

I've bought some nice items in the last week or so but I'm afraid photos will have to wait until (a) I have more time, (b) I think of taking them during daylight hours, or (c) a combination of the above! My latest purchases are two 1920s embroidered silk tablecovers/shawls, two smocked dresses and a smocked romper suit, probably dating from the early 1950s. There's an ecru banqueting cloth about 16 feet long with 14 napkins and a linen drawnthread bedspread. Oh, and an early 20th century French quilt and some vintage French wallpaper.

I might need to refer to Niki's tutorial to cover a set of drawers with the paper!

You may notice I've added a new link to "Friends' Websites" today. If any of you are thinking of visiting Somerset (or an overnight stay in order to visit the Shepton Antiques Fairs), then do look at Liz's B&B site. Mike the Sign is, as many of you know, Clare's husband. You'll get to see some of the amazing work they do if you click on the link to his site.

Photos soon, I promise! And do you remember way back in September I said we were having the bathroom and loo knocked into one? The work starts a week on Monday ...


Clare said...

Hi Sue, All the very best with the new larger room at Semley, we'll be down to check it out in the coming months! I'm sure it will be very good for business and I can't wait to see your website hen it's up and running - sounds as if you'll have some quality wares for sale! Thanks for the mention! Clare x

Nonnie said...

Glad to hear your Mum is getting settled in. Good luck with the move to your new space. I'm sure it will all go well and you will have it looking lovely and full of beautiful things. Looking forward to seeing the photos of your recent purchases.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue, Glad your Mother is settling in to her new home. It must be wonderful for you to have her so close.

The very best of luck with your new venture at Semley. I am sure it will work well for you. Eiderdowns and quilts need lots of space!! (I used to have a bed for display in my shop, people can visualise better when quitls can be laid out.)