11 August 2007

Changing World ...

One blog back to normal. One keyboard still not right. One spare keyboard not in the loft where we thought it MIGHT be, so I shall have to read through this carefully to make sure all the characters I've typed are actually displayed, instead of "read this" becoming "ris" which has happened a couple of times over the last 24 hours.

I've just visited French Knots and caught up with a couple of months of her life (I'd got way behind) (NB I typed 'behind' but only got 'be'. This is NOT GOOD) and when she mentioned her computer meltdown it made me thing just how much the world has changed in the last 20 or 30 years. I appreciate some of you don't go back that far, but bear with me ...

These days we feel isolated if our computer is down and we can't get our daily fix of blogs or emails; 20 years ago it was devastation if we lost our filofax. Our whole life (and more) was in that glorified diary, to the extent that newspaper articles were frequently written on the subject. Before that the only worry was if we didn't get to the phone quickly enough when it rang. There was no 1471 or message service so we'd have to wait until whoever it was telephoned again. And what if they didn't? We'd telephone everyone we thought it might have been (rarely was it any of them), and then spend the rest of the day wondering who or what we had missed. And just how long ago is it (really feeling my age now) when you only had to remember 3 digits if you were phoning someone in a village, and 5 digits for a town phone number. Of course, you had to dial 100 for the operator first if you weren't phoning from the same exchange. I've just googled for when STD codes were introduced and it would appear that I had reached the grand old age of 18 (which didn't make me an adult in those days!). Hmmm! There are still times when I only feel that age, but trust me just a few sneaky years have been added while I wasn't looking. It is indeed a changing world!

I've been a bit busy taking photos for the Shop and as a consequence have been a bit remiss on blog photos. But look at the black cloud hanging over the northern edge of Somerton at the beginning of the week! Thankfully it passed (but not without an good rumbling thunderstorm first).

And this morning there is a distinct air of autumn about the day. There's even a touch of mist. Not good in the middle of August! According to Tiscali we're going to have a lovely sunny day on Monday!
Hope the sun is shining on you this weekend!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and leaving your very kind comment there!
Now I will enjoy myself exploring yours....
Isn't the Internet wonderful? Especially when it is working properly!

Barbara said...

Thanks for visiting me. I think th is is my first visit to y ou though I know my daughter Janie visits you.

We had a storm cloud just like that pass over us after which the worst storm in my living memory. I have posted it on my blog somewhre in July.

Yes we bloggers do need our fix. It is so addictive but also so enjoyable. I jusr love reading about other people's lives. It's great when on line friendships develop too. Just like the penpals of the old days but now cyberspace "keypals"!

I will come back and go through more of yours. I still have not finished unpacking yet!

Barbara said...

Just realised you live in Somerton. We spent a week with friends last year who live in Langport and I seem to remember seeing the Somerton signpost.

Clare said...

Hi Sue,

To think when I started working for the now 'BT' it was still 'GPO Telephones'! The following year it became 'British Telecom' and that blasted Busby character appeared! Even to this day, I can recognise most STD codes and can pinpoint telephone numbers to an area or town!

I think I could give up the TV (happily!) and even chocolate (maybe..!) as long as I could keep my computer!

Ope yur kebrd s bhvng isef nw!

Clare xx

Cat said...

Your shop is absolutly wonderful! Browsing thru it, I see so many lovely things!

Yes, it is a changing world - I don't know how we ever did without the internet!

Great picture of the dark cloud - you can just see the energy it holds.

Have a good day, Cat

cd&m said...

The sun has been shining for us this weekend, hope yours was a good one.

Curlew Country said...

Hi Sue
Thanks for the lovely message. the Cherry Tree and Willow Farm books are widely available on Amazon and other web books sites from as little as 1p! If you want the older 1940s covers there available for more like £8 but I've picked some up in charity shops for a lot less. They're so lovley aren't they, I really wished I was those children when I was growing up!

Leanne said...

Hi Sue,

I was nodding as I read your post- I identify with some of that too!

and I rhink I am only around 10 miles from you, and we shared your black clouds! In fact theres one out across the hills behind me now, and its not looking too friendly!

Leanne x

Twinkle Pink said...

Hi Sue, yes I remember the filofax so well, I can also remember when my husband said that in the future we will all be shopping on the web and using the computor in the home for household book keeping etc. He was shot down in flames by everyone but how true he was. I prefer shopping on the web any day than having to brave the traffic and cities to go shopping.

Thanks for the post, made me think .... for a change .... the computor usually does it for me .... hee hee.

best wishes Ginny
(ps. the birds are loving the clacker:))

smilnsigh said...

Oh my Dear, I beat you, on memories. When I was growing up, we had a 'party line.' And you talked directly to the local operator... A couple of ladies who had the telephone set-up in the front room of their house.

And at one time, my mother had the local Post Office in the front room of our house. Honest!

But then, I lived in a small town and I'm 70 now.


Susan said...

What a great picture! I love to snap storms. July a fabulous sunset, August a storm cloud! Glad everything is getting back to normal in the computer dept., even if there's still some to go.

Ex-Shammickite said...

Wedding outfit update:
I still haven't found anything suitable ready made, so I bought a sewing pattern, and am making a dress and jacket with fabric I bought 4 months ago, but I decided I don't like the fabric much.... so this is a trial run! I have bought much nicer fabric, a bright blue, so once I have finished this, I'll make whatever changes are needed in the size and start again!
I may feel the need to blog about it!

Ragged Roses said...

I understand exactly what you mean Sue .... it seemed like only a few years ago when I didn't want to get near to a computer and now I feel like I can't do without it. Have you tried switching your server by the way (i have to use Firefox to make links but Safari for typing posts - I can't type on Firefox as the words disappear or stick). It definitely feels like Autumn these past few days

Libbys Blog said...

Happy Days!! Using the big old telephones that actually attached to the walls and never got lost down the back of a sofa!!!