18 August 2007

Update on the One-Armed Bandit ...

Regular followers of V to V will know that mum fractured her arm (in two places) the evening before H's wedding at the beginning of May. You sent so many kind wishes that I thought you'd like to share the good news that the physio signed her off yesterday.

She has been able to tick all the boxes relating to things she wanted to be able to do - most importantly, gardening. Whilst using shears jars her arm too much, she can wield a pair of secateurs exceedingly well, and has planted a couple of trees and shrubs in between showers. Hoeing poses no problem at all, and is exercising the arm - so I'm told!!

It's certainly a relief to us all that she has regained so much use, and the fact that she can't yet get it up behind her back will, I'm sure, also be a thing of the past before too long. She's continuing to do the appropriate exercises with her usual determination.

We can now concentrate on the other matter in hand - her eyesight - which was, if we're being honest, the cause of the tumble in the first place. Opticians have been seen, doctor referred to and now we have to 'book and choose' an appointment at the hospital to see the eye specialist. But at least she has accepted there is a problem and we're en route to getting it sorted ... at last. Will keep you posted.

Thanks again!

I've just added a couple more items to the Shop and hope to add more over the weekend. I've had other 'important matters' to deal with over the last week or so, and haven't had an opportunity to add as much as I'd hoped to the website. But photos have been taken and it's just a case of getting the descriptions written. Here's a taster of what's coming soon.


Rose Vintage said...

Glad your Mum is feeling more like her old self. It must seem like an age, was it really May that your daughter got married!


Nonnie said...

So pleased to hear how well your Mum is doing. It must be a relief to all of you. Hope she gets the eye problem sorted too. Love the look at some of those new things for the shop. Must go take a look!