15 August 2007

How Kind ...

... Please excuse me if you think I'm blowing my own trumpet. I probably am, but I was so thrilled to have an email from this lady today, enquiring about the embroidery threads. Heather had been given my name by one of my customers. Heather writes the Independent Needlework News "It's like CNN, but all needlework news, all the time!" and has written a wonderful post on the threads and kits that I'm selling, with links to my blog, my Shop, different 'pages' of the shop and my contact details. I was quite overwhelmed, and very grateful indeed. Who knows what business could come from her kindness. Heather, I thank you. And Susan, I thank you, too, for passing on the information. You are both so kind.

Update: I'd like to add the following, which Heather wrote to me earlier. I imagine it could be of interest to quite a few of you:

INN is my way of giving back to the needlework community. I want to be the place where stitchers, designers, shops, manufacturers, and distributors can get all their news in one place fairly quickly and then be able to sit down and stitch. With tips starting to come in, maybe I will also be able to stitch!


smilnsigh said...

You commented in my blog; "You may remember party lines ... but so do I ... -snip- ...This is fun - what shall we reminisce over next?!!!"

Me-thinks this is the makings of a couple of entries, yes? -smile-


Heather said...

Sue, Thanks so much for the nice write-up yourself ... and for quoting me, too. I've been trying to figure out how to publicize that, or whether to. It's a bit like writing a resume -- no one really likes to talk about themselves that way; bragging feels very uncomfortable, but sometimes it's deserved. This isn't about bragging, though, it's about seeking other people who want to help give back, so that we CAN all get back to stitching, after reading up on all the news first instead of each individually searching all over to find out all the neat stuff going on in the needlework world. I'll have to think more on how to open up the conversation, but your post here may very well have given me that opening -- and so for that, I thank YOU ... very much! :)

Gill said...

Well done you too! Word of mouth is the best advertising and as I have said before your reputation goes before you. A nice article would be lovely.Keep up the good work and isn't it fulfilling.
Thank you for your kind comments on mine too. This was what I had in mind.
Love Gillie x

Clare said...

Hi Sue

How lovely! You'll be running out of embroidery threads soon!!!

Clare x

cd&m said...

Congrats on the publicity, I've seen your sewing threads mentioned on another blog somewhere, needleworkers obviously rate them highly.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

That's great Sue! I can speak up for your wonderful threads too - they are fabulous!! ;))
Niki x

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Good to hear your getting some good publicity. That is just wonderful for you!

Erica-Jane said...


Congratulations on the publicity, that's so exciting!
In answer to your question, I am indeed based in Northamptonshire!
What would you be doing in your shed??? I write and illustrate in mine and stitch in my cubby hole!
Anyway, nice to hear from you!