29 March 2007

A Good Day Out ...

What a lovely day we all had yesterday. Niki, Debbie (Niki's friend), Donna and I all met at the Ilminster Textile Fair - a super Fair for anyone interested in textiles and a yummy lunch! This is what Niki ate to keep her strength up!

Having told myself I wasn't going to buy much, bearing in mind the wedding is imminent, I ended up with 3 large bags full, and not being one to say 'no more' very often, I added another bag of goodies to my stash when we toured Ilminster's charity shops.

The first 2 photos are of the beautiful embroidery on a kimono that I couldn't resist. The third one is silk on silk embroidery. Superb workmanship and an amazing piece altogether. I'm guessing it measures about 3ft x 5ft. I must measure it tomorrow. These 3 photos look super enlarged.

The crinoline lady is a tea cosy although there is no padded liner. The reversable quilt was a last-minute purchase after I'd thought I'd spent out! How wrong can a girl be!!

Niki and Donna have posted photos from Niki's camera. Here are mine. Debbie is in the middle of the first one.

Thanks go to Donna for showing me how to use the macro button on my camera (must find the instructions!). What a difference it makes!! This is an alstromeria from a bouquet sent to Mum a couple of weeks ago - still thriving. Do enlarge it - it really is fabulous close up.

It's been a busy week so I haven't had a chance to write a post about Shepton Antiques Fair last weekend. I was quite pleased, although Sunday was a poor day. However, once again I bought a few goodies - mainly fabric. I've taken some photos but I'll show you those another day.

I'm contemplating doing a carboot sale on Sunday. There's a local one that starts again this weekend and takes place every Sunday until the end of September. I've never been to it but I understand it's a good one. I tend to be a fair weather carbooter, so it will all depend on the weather. But I have a lot of stock to clear. When I buy 'job lots' at auction I often end up with a quantity of china, glass or linen that isn't really good enough to display at Dairy House or the 3-day Fair. I tend to stockpile it and then take a good load to a carboot. Hubby will be delighted if some of it disappears this weekend!!


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
What a wonderful day we all had!!
(Did I really eat that huge sandwich?!!)
Your purchases look stunning taken with the macro setting! The embroidery is fabulous!
Good luck at the car boot sale - fingers crossed for some of that lovely weather we had on Wednesday.
Niki x

Donna said...

What a great day it was and our combined purchases are fabulous, and so different. Your photos are great Sue, macro is wonderful you will have lots of fun with that now :-) Looking forward to seeing your boot sale goodies. Our boot sales must be starting soon, I can't wait.

see you there! said...

That crinoline lady tea cozy is just so adorable. I've seen them on pillowcases but never a tea cozy.

I've visited England but never been to a car boot sale. Hope you have good luck as a seller there.