03 March 2007

More Goodies

Last night I started sorting through the pile of linen and textiles I brought out of the other Centre and found all sorts of items I'd forgotten about!

Awful photos, but 2 pairs of children's curtains - the farmyard pair look in tiptop condition but I'm not sure of the date (probably 1970s fabric), but the other pair have the sort of wear you would expect from a pair of early 1960s used curtains. I can't decide whether to use the fabric for another project (when?) or sell them as they are. Meanwhile I'll find a space for them at the Dairy House.

Then there's this lovely set of an embroidered tablecloth, large traycloth, napkins and teacosy. It looks really pretty, but there is a fair-sized pink colour-run mark on the cloth.

And finally a pair of Sanderson screen print single bedspreads. Again, do I sell as is (not perfect) or make some wonderful items with the fabric. Decisions, decisions. Still, I won't be doing anything with any of it today. Too much to do ... too little time!

Have a jolly weekend.


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
Oh, I do so love the Violet fabric - so fresh with the white background.

I find children's prints sell well, so I am sure your bunny fabric will find a buyer very soon...

See you tomorrow!
Love Niki. x

Clare said...

Hi Sue, I love the children's fabrics - really nostaligic, and I have to agree with Niki, that Violet fabric is so pretty.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Clare x

photowannabe said...

Well Sue you sound like you have a lot on your plate.
I'm finding that all those cool projects I said I would do later when things slow down, just aren't going to happen. I'mending up selling most of it at our yard sale in preparation for moving. I just can't take it with me..

Tea & Margaritas in My Garden said...

What a pretty table cloth and sheet set!


Country House Antique Textiles said...

Mmmm yummy fabrics. I love the children's prints.

After commenting on your last post I found a Toni Raymond celery pot!