30 March 2007

Dairy House Antiques and the Bath & West

I'm so pleased that for now I have put all my eggs in one basket, so to speak. Having rented space in two antiques centres and reducing to just one at the beginning of March I was a little concerned as to whether I was doing the right thing. Happily all seems to be going well at Dairy House and Liz (who I mentioned before as the other dealer who moved with me) and I have had a really good first month. We spend each Thursday there, eat lovely egg sandwiches made by Liz from eggs from her hens, meet all the charming customers and hopefully sell to them! (I've just realised this post seems to have an egg theme - eggs in one basket and egg sarnies!)

My half of our room is beginning to take shape although I think I need more space!! In betweeen customers I'm still trying to make it look better, but the more we look at the dark blue walls the more we think we shall have to change them. But the ceilings are 10ft high so there is a lot of painting to be done and I'm not too sure when that can be fitted in! You've seen a similar photo before, but this area is beginning to look a little more coordinated. Still a way to go though!

Shepton Mallet Antiques Fair last weekend was OK. Not my best, but equally not the worst! I was pleased with various parts of my stand and the Toni Raymond pottery was quite eyecatching, especially being set off by the lovely pink curtains I bought from Donna. I took this large selection because of the 3-page article in the AntiqueExplorer magazine - a free publication dedicated to the South-West of England. A few pieces sold, but I'm not too sure if the market is ready for it again yet. It is 1950s/60s hand-painted pottery from Devon and I was rather pleased when I realised that the multi-coloured set matches the colours in my Emma Bridgewater spotty china perfectly.

I'm taking Mum shopping this afternoon - various 'errands', maybe a quick visit to Kelways Garden Centre (clematis £6.49 or 2 for £10), hopefully also a quick 'grandmother of the bride' outfit hunt, and all rounded off with the scurry round Tesco! There's nothing like trying to cram 101 things into the space of about 4 hours. Wish me luck!

Tomorrow is our 30th Wedding Anniversary. Not bad for a 2nd marriage for each of us, is it? I hope the weather's fine as we're thinking of going off on a jolly - on the West Somerset Railway. Paul used to be a trainspotting anorak so I thought it would be nice for him, and I'll get to see the sea at Minehead! One of my cousins is a volunteer on this railway and I think he sometimes drives the train! I don't expect he'll be on it tomorrow though.


BeachysCapeCodCupboard said...

Happy Anniversary to you! WOW - 30 is a milestone these days, and I send you my warmest wishes! Your canisters are lovely! I recently discovered Emma Bridgewater and would love to sell it in our shop (I think I have to go through a distributor in NYC). Speaking of eggs! My hubby and I traveled in Britain alot before we started a family. There was a cafe called the Four Seasons near the British Museum that I remember had the BEST eggs mayonaise... with yummy bacon on top! Thank you for that fond memory! =)

Ragged Roses said...

Happy Anniversary to you both. Hope you have a wonderful weekend , whatever you do.

andsewtosleep said...

Love the display of your goods. One day I'll pay a visit. Happy Anniversary to you both - enjoy your day out. Mary.

Shropshire Girl said...

Happy Anniversay to you and your hubby - pearl isn't it? Love the kitchen utensils display, it's a pity Daisy House is just a bit too far away for me. Hope it continues to go well for you

see you there! said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoyed the links to the nursery and train info.


Ex-Shammickite said...

Well, I like the blue wall. It's very eyecatching.
Happy Anniversary!And Happy April Fool's Day!

Clare said...

Hi Sue, Happy Belated Anniversary to you and Pauley - sorry I've been absent for a few days, just catching up!

That blue is really growing on me! Mind you, with all your egg-thusiasm for decorating just lately, I'm sure if you decide to change it, it'll be done in two shakes of a hens tail feathers!!!

Clare x

photowannabe said...

Happy anniversary to you. That's a fantastic milestone for a second marriage. Or any marriage for that matter. It sounds like your business is doing well and that you made the right move. I sure would love to visit your shop. It sounds like so much fun.

Donna said...

Your display looks wonderful Sue. Mum loves her fabric and will think of something to make with it.

Happy Anniversary to you both x

Joanna said...

I love the multi colour coffee, tea pots. My mum has a set we thought about getting rid of a few years ago, I'm so glad she kept them. Hope your house is coming along ok. I have been so busy doing ours I have just been colapsing when finsihing in the evening. I'm very sad that I have not been commeting more and getting a chance to read all the lovely blogs.

Sal said...

I found it! A year late but better late than never!
There used to be masses of Toni Raymond at the Topsham Quay Antiques Centre.I have not looked in recently though.
Have you been there? Sal;-)

Personal Trainer Guy Putney said...

The spotted china is just gorgeous!