05 March 2007

A Good Day ...

... am I really naughty to pray for torrential rain for the next Giant Flea Market at Shepton? The weather was so awful yesterday that there very few outdoor pitches and everyone made straight for the huge hall where I always stand. I think we all had a brilliant day and I for one had the best ever sales.

Because it is so vast people normally 'do' the outside pitches first and then, having spent most of their money, wander into the Showering Pavilion much later. I arrive at 7.30 in order to get a space in the limited undercover parking (always good for carting linen and eiderdowns in and out), the public is allowed in to the showground at 9.30 but don't get to us until towards 11.30. I find I do all my selling in about 2 hours and then have a slow couple of hours before beginning the packing up process.

But yesterday the crowds (yes, despite the rain there were crowds) were in with us by 9.30 am and the selling started and carried on at a steady pace for most of the day. It was a treat to see shoppers with money instead of shoppers struggling in with bags containing articles of all shapes and sizes and empty purses! There was certainly a happy buzz in the hall yesterday!

Niki and Clare came to see me and I'm looking foward to seeing what Niki makes from the fabric she bought! Thank you both for your purchases. I'm sure you'll do well with your goodies!

So, if you see someone doing a rain dance in Somerset prior to Easter Sunday (the next Giant Flea Market) you'll know the reason. I know some of you will be hoping for beautiful sunshine for Easter Egg hunts and happy family days, but I'd like some rain please!! Could you just make do with a scorching hot Easter Monday? I'll be forever in your debt!


OhSoVintage said...

Hi Sue,
Glad you did so well yesterday. In answer to your question, I think the copy of 'Antiques & Collectables' comes out on March 15th (ish).


Twinkle Pink said...

Hi Sue, I'm sorry I couldn't make the fair but if I make it for Easter I will go to the inside stalls first. My theory is if everyone is outside then more pickings for me ..... well it is a theory. Of course if its raining .... don't pray to hard.

Best wishes Ginny

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
Glad you had such a good day.
Must admit that I really missed rummaging through the stock on the outside stalls, but I was very pleased with my purchases from you!
- I LOVE the framed prints and I think the pretty Sanderson's Violet fabric will become cushions with frilled edges!

If it rains next time....I shall be having words with you!...rain dance indeed!!

Clare said...

Hi Sue, Now here's a dilemma! As much as I'd like you to have a brilliant day I can't imagine another day like yesterday with the torrential rain - so no rain dance please!!! Loved my purchases by the way!

Clare x

photowannabe said...

How exciting that things went so well for you Sue. I guess you can have all the rain you want in your end of the world as long as we have sun on the Northern California coast.

Allie from Minneapolis said...

Oh I so wish that I could have been at the antiques show! It sounds wonderful. And I'm also glad that you did well. Oh to be able to go to an antique in England - to me that would be a dream realized. Thank you so much for coming to visit me at my blog today! I really appreciate it. I'll be back to visit.

Rose Vintage said...

At least the rain has one positive side to it! Glad to hear you did well on the day...Sunny day here today thank goodness, sooo fed up with the wet weather....but a good excuse to catchup and read lots of lovely blogs!

Mary said...

Sue I'm thrilled you found my blog ACROSS THE POND. I hope to make it an interesting mixed bag for all the Anglophiles over here, especially the lovers of cottage style living. (Will also be throwing in a taste of France as I visit my brother and his family there too). I was born and grew up in Torquay - my next door childhood friend lives in Wellington, Somerset. Yeah, heard about all the rain in the Southwest from my cousin in Teignmouth - they were almost drowned walking the dog on Sunday!
I'll enjoy visiting your blog - not just for weather reports but to see what you are selling over there. Please visit me again.
Cheerio for now, Mary.

Libbys Blog said...

Just popped back to see what yo have been up to! Glad to hear you had a great day!