14 March 2007

My Unintentional Shopping + A Little Bit of Spring

This is the result of my trip to the bank the other day - you see, I'm easily led and it was so easy to call into the antiques centre to see what a new dealer was selling. Really I was only going in to collect some post that had been addressed to me there ...

Without measuring accurately I guess the picture book is about 14" x 18" in super condition with a 1951 inscription to "Dear Susan" (so I had to have it, didn't I! It could so easily have been a gift for my first birthday!!).

And what about the tin rabbit toilet roll holder ... I don't know if Shepton Antiques Fair is ready for that, but it will go over to Dairy House Antiques tomorrow, unless anyone else feels they must have it (£5.00 + p&p).

The two oil on glass paintings are pretty, too. The pansies are in better condition than the chrysanths, but they're both nice.

The Jane Churchill fabrics are the result of two separate ebay purchases. Not sure yet whether to sell them on or get out the sewing machine.

Behind the fabric is a tall stool which completed my purchases. Oh no it didn't - I've just remembered a set of French watercolour fairy tale pictures still in the car. I'll have to show you those later.
And look what I found in the garden this morning.
Plum blossom and violets.
The violets had a close shave as P cut the grass yesterday!

Update Thursday evening: Please email direct if you are interested in any of the above items.


andsewtosleep said...

Hi Sue thank you for your welcome comments on my new blog. This a whole new thing for me and I have to say quite exciting(doesn't take much to please me except maybe some vintage fabric!!!) I love your finds especially the sweet book.

Clare said...

Hi Sue, I knew you wouldn't resist for too long! You have some lovely finds there! Isn't it great to see the signs of Spring everywhere?! Clare x

cherry menlove said...

I love the book on fairies. I adore any creature that scurries around the garden on adventures. Pixies do the same!

Love Cherry

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
Those paintings with velvet frames (?)look very interesting.
Love the book too.

Happy Spring to you!
Niki. x

Ex-Shammickite said...

That was an eventful trip to the bank....
1 Go to bank
2 Get money
3 Go to Antiques centre
4 Spend money

Have fun selling it all!

Ex-Shammickite said...

Thanks for you comment regarding the Singer sewing machine. I bought mine in 1967, and it's been going strong ever since, when did you get yours?

Donna said...

Such great treasures Sue. I love seeing other people's finds :-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Sue, I am an avid 'lurker' of your lovely site but just had to come 'out of the woodwork' when I saw THE BOOK. This was my favourite book when a little girl, I was so surprised to see it! If you ever consider selling it??? Sooo much lovely vintage. Sandra

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Sandra

The book is certainly for sale. Please email me direct (see new link added on the sidebar and also as an update to this post). I'm so glad I've found a piece of nostalgia for you, and thank you for your lovely comments about my blog. Perhaps you'll delurk more often. It's great to say hello to new contacts! Sue

Shabby in the City said...

There is nothing to compare to the change of seasons! Love the vintage finds :)

Ragged Roses said...

The fairy book is delicious - I'm sure you must have some fairies of your own hiding amongst your violets!
Kim x

Anita said...

"A day in fairy land", what a great find! I'd like to sew my first fairy very soon! Cross your fingers that she will look like a fairy.

see you there! said...

I stopped by yesterday and now I'm dropping in again to see if you've posted those fairy pictures. Not yet... but soon, right?

What fun it is to see the things you manage to find.