01 March 2007

Progress ...

... on all fronts.

Bath or shower? I don't know about you, but I'm a shower person and this last 8 months showerless has been purgatory. But yesterday everything was connected and I was in my element. The rest of the bathroom is functioning as it should - bath, basin, loo and heated towel rail - and we're pleased with the tiling.

However, the plumber has to come back to fiddle about under the bath and put the panel on, but wants to wait until we've sorted out the flooring. Rain is coming in through the window frame where the dividing wall was knocked down so that needs to be made watertight, and the end of the ugly old overflow pipe has been left sticking out of the wall in the bathroom. Not a pretty sight, but obviously one job too many for the plumber. So we'll have to contemplate that for a week or two and decide how best to remove the offending item. I'm not overly confident about the basin taps as they seem a bit wobbly, so when he returns I'll get him to check them.

My website is progressing, too. I've seen the front page today and I like it. If I can find enough hours in the coming weeks to photograph everything and write up the descriptions it should be up and running by the end of March.

Further progress this week is the removal of all my stock from Somerton Antiques Centre. This has all gone to Dairy House Antiques. I spent several hours there yesterday unpacking boxes, and shall be there all day tomorrow sorting out the vanload that was dropped off for me today! I knew I had a lot of stock, but I'm amazed at actually how much there is. Once I've unpacked it all I shall be re-packing some of it to take to Shepton's Giant Flea Market on Sunday.

A new association has just been formed - launch date 28 March - for antique dealers in the West Country, and Dairy House has become a member. WEADA - the West of England Antique Dealers' Association - covers the whole of the south-west. They are producing an informative booklet giving the names of all the member dealers, totalling in excess of 70. Further information can be obtained from their website (currently under construction).

And finally ... the wedding invitations have gone out and the first reply is back.

I've just noticed the time - it's 1.17am and realise I'll never be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning if I don't switch off this machine NOW!


photowannabe said...

Hi Sue, I know exactly how you feel. We just finished our two bathrooms and now the kitchen is totally upside down. Boxes everywhere and things not working and not being able to find what you need when you need it is making me slightly nutty. When it is all done I know it will be worth it.

Anonymous said...

Sue,I cant beleive you have been without a shower for 8 months! that must have been awful. In our new place, we only have a shower ( a huge one!) and no bathtub, which is ok by me but our little girl is really missing her bath. We are going to have to get installed eventually I suppose. Nice to hear you have made progress with everything though. Cant wait to see the new website!!

Nonnie said...

Glad you're making progress with the bathroom. Can't imagine being without a shower for 8 months! I'm really looking forward to seeing your website. I think mine is going to be seriously delayed due to the person who is setting it up being too busy. Very frustrating. Would love to come to the Flea Market on Sunday but will be busy sailing!

OhSoVintage said...

You sound a VERY busy lady - are there more hours in your day than anyone else's?

Clare said...

Hi Sue

I was worried that you had been sucked into cyberspace but glad to hear you're just as busy as usual!!! I'm looking forward to seeing you on Sunday and all that lovely stock you'll have with you!

Clare x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Thanks everyone. And yes, I have about 30 hours in each day (aren't I lucky!), I haven't been sucked into cyberspace, but I do feel so much cleaner than I have done for such a long time. Weird, isn't it. It's all water, when all said and done. As for the website, please don't hold your breath as although I'm working on the beginning of April for the launch I have a feeling it might have to wait until after the wedding which is, when all said and done, one of those dates beyond which you can't imagine there is life. The big crescendo that leaves you up in the air with nowhere to go ... except down to earth with a bump and back to the computer! Just to write another post to show you what I've been up to today!