11 June 2007

Embroidery Threads ad infinitum ...

Did I say I'd bought some embroidery threads? ... Mmmmm!

Well, these photos are part of the latest car-load ...

More cones of DMC stranded cotton (varying lengths up to a maximum of 425 metres for an unopened one), a double-sided stand of 8 metre bobbins of the same, more boxes of DMC Coton Perlé No 8 (10 metres) ...

So far (without today's haul) I've counted 436 balls of Coton Perlé No 8 ... 470 skeins of DMC Coton Perle No 5 (25 metres) ... 25 DMC Mouline metallise 8 metre skeins ... 50 unopened cones of DMC stranded cotton/embroidery floss (and I guess there must be about 500 part-used cones) ... As I said before, enough to embroider round the world at least once ... And then ... 56 packs of counted thread fabric, mainly Aida but some linen ... about 50 pieces of loose Aida fabric in varying colours and counts ... over 300 cross stitch kits ... the list goes on! AND IT'S ALL FOR SALE!

So if you think you know of any fellow bloggers who might be interested in part of this stash (or all of it, of course!!), then please let them know. My house really isn't large enough to accommodate all this as well as all the vintage and antique linen I seem to have purchased over the last few weeks!

So ... if you're coming to the Shepton Mallet Giant Flea Market on Sunday (17 June), you know what to expect! Although I shall of course be taking my usual vintage linen and textiles, lace, buttons, boxes and so on ... There won't be room for everything, so I shall be selective and hope I choose to take the right things! I wonder if I shall need to do another raindance?

As if this wasn't enough, I bought about 20 embroidered tablecloths from a retired dealer this afternoon. They are all beautifully done and clean enough for me not to have to wash them before putting a price tag on them. Hopefully they'll be going to Shepton with me on Sunday.

Several of you wished me well for the Shaftesbury & Gillingham Show. Suffice to say I won't be doing it again!


annasattic.co.uk said...

hello sue,what are you like! was your hubby with you when you bought all of this! or does,nt he mind, bless him. haha
i hope you have a whale of a time and sell as much as you can at your shop,you deserve to for all the hard work you put in.
i just laughed when i saw your second lot of photo's and how much more you had bought.i will be putting an order in soon,best wishes ann.

photowannabe said...

The threadis a bit overwhelming. I wish you the best and sell, sell, sell.

Clare said...

Hi Sue,

Those threads make a colourful display! Good luck -I'm sure they'll soon be sold!

Please, NO raindance for Sunday! How about we stand at the gate and hand out leaflets directing everyone to your stand?!

Look forward to seeing you on Sunday!

Clare x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
Good luck selling it all! (I'm not laughing honestly!)

Look forward to looking though the embroidered tablecloths - they sound lovely!
See you there!
Niki x

Shropshire Girl said...

Hi there, I have just 'caught up' on your last few posts and am so sorry to hear you have been in the wars!
I covet your threads, what scrummy colours you have in that stash. Do you have any Butternut Road or Lavender & Lace patterns by the way?

Ex-Shammickite said...

Oh my! That's a whole lot of embroidery thread. Is embroidery a big hobby in your area? Actually I love all the colours of embroidery threads, and I have a huge box of them inherited from my mother, but I haven't done any embroidery for years. Last thing I embroidered was a tray cloth at primary school!
Now, if you had sock knitting wool, that would be a different story! I'm into socks these days.

Rose Vintage said...

Hi Sue, I would certainly be interested in a selection of threads. I also go to an embroidery group and I will ask there for you too. Our tutor goes all over the world so she might be interested...Perhaps you could email and we could go from there?
My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw all your colours! It's a bit like going in a sweet shop for me...Lovely !


Kel said...

WOW !! What a find !! I down sized my craft supplies last year and sold a couple lots of floss on Ebay. It sold for a great price too. Wow, you hit the jackpot with that one. FUN !!!!

Ragged Roses said...

My goodness you have bought a lot of threads! They do make a lovely photo though! Good luck with all of them. Sorry to hear about the Shaftsbury show, good luck on Sunday.
Kim x

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Wow! Now that is a LOT of thread!

I hope it sells well for you. I know there is a revived interest in needle arts among the college kids around here, so I doubt you'll have trouble moving it.

In the mean time, it does make for a colorful display.

Kimberly :)

Cat said...

Wow! My eyeballs are falling out. What a find! I'm going to email you!