21 June 2007

Is This Better?

Well, Liz and I have finished painting at Dairy House. How does this look? Better? Apologies now, but this is nothing but a post showing off what I consider to be a great achievement against all adversity (if you've been following, you'll be with me on this one!) - my space at Dairy House Antiques, with as many photos as blogger will let me post at one time. There's a certain amount of repetition, but I'm hoping you'll excuse me on that one as I'm a tad tired tonight and if I fiddle around with this post much more I shall probably lose everything (thought I had a few minutes ago), and then I won't be happy!

I didn't get to take the photos until 6 o'clock this evening and I still haven't got everything in that I'd like, nor is everything exactly how I'd like it, but I'm getting there. We painted the walls Dulux (I think) Antique Cream which has made such a difference (look back to the blue walls if you're not sure!), and the whole effect is lighter, brighter and, according to this week's customers, a considerable improvement!

I'm there again on Saturday to stand in for the regular Saturday afternoon person and I hope to be able to tweak a bit here and there. The back of the car is still fairly full of stock which I'd hoped to display today, but there just aren't enough hours in the day, despite this being the longest one of the year.

P and I are off to see someone special tomorrow and meet up with some other special people. More on that over the weekend with a bit of luck. But first of all it's another trip to the physio with Mum first thing in the morning. I wonder what they'll think of her gardening japes!


Ex-Shammickite said...

It all looks so much cleaner and easy to display with the lighter walls... and "japes"... I haven't heard that word for donkeys years!!! It makes me think of schoolgirls getting up to naughty things after the boarding house mistress has gone to bed!

see you there! said...

Yes indeed, brighter and easier to focus on the goods. Isn't it amazing what a little paint can do? I should say a little paint and a lot of work.

I need to come get ALL that blue and white pottery. Where's my plane ticket?


kelly said...

Oh Sue, its make all the difference in the world! excellent job especially considering how very little time you have had. I have to go anlarge those photos now so I have a good luck at all the pretty things.

OhSoVintage said...

It looks wonderful and you have some really nice things for sale. I love all your kitchenalia.

Ragged Roses said...

Looks great, much better than the blue! Let me loose in there, so many goodies to look at! Hope the trip to the physio was okay too! Have a good weekend.
Kim x

Carol said...

It looks fabulous! I'd love to jump in the pictures and shop till I drop! Carol xox

Clare said...

Hi Sue

It looks really fresh and lovely - and antique cream goes very well with the kitchenalia!

Will you be putting a halt on the decorating for a while? We don't want any more incidents with ladders now do we?!!!

Clare x

buttercup&roses said...

Hi sue, We must of met before! I am based in Watchet, My stock has changed a little in the last few months, alot more girlie and vintage (rather than the more traditional antiques).
I'll find out the sizes of my mannequins and let you know.
Nice to hear from you.
P.s, Ive never been to the 3 day fair, how is it?.

Nonnie said...

It all looks really lovely. A huge improvement on the blue. I'm drooling over all that cornishware.

alice c said...

Hi Sue,
I have just found you and enjoyed looking through your goodies. I think that I may have to make a special visit 'down your way' because there are lots of lovely things to buy on show here. Just the sort of things to tempt me!