25 June 2007

What a Lovely Day ...

... we had at Niki's on Friday! Silly me, I forgot to take my camera, but if you have a look at Niki's blog or Ginny's you'll see why it was such a lovely day.

P went with me and tried to look interested - he struggled, but at least he stayed the course!!! - while I felt like a child let loose in a sweet shop. Clare and Mike were there at the same time as us, and she and I went round drooling and touching everything in our path!!!! Niki, we had a wonderful time! I might just have to be in touch with Niki about some of her other painted pieces that I had to leave behind!!

I've done my first day in the Old Town Hall today. Not a lot of selling going on today, but an amazing number of people through the door considering the state of the weather. But just at the end I sold a round painted table which I was quite pleased about. I'm also going to rent a book shelf! There are several rows of shelving and sections are available to rent which I hadn't realised until today. I thought the books all belonged to just one book dealer. So, as I have hundreds of vintage cookery books, as well as endless other 'interesting' books acquired over the years, I thought that at £5 a month it was worth trying a shelf for a couple of months. At worst I'll lose £10 but at best I might clear some clutter and make a pound or two.

The sky was quite weird this evening. The photos don't really do it justice, but these 4 are in sequence with only about 5 minutes between the first and last photos. It changed so rapidly from pale to intense and back to pale. Look how quickly the cloud formation changed.


smilnsigh said...

Thank you so much for visiting my 'Smilnsigh' blog, and saying you hope my fall wasn't too bad.

Could not be as bad as the one you said you had, stepping off the 2nd step of a stepladder a few weeks ago. Eeeek!!!

Luckily, I'm mending nicely. :-) But still taking it very easy. After all, I'm an *olllllld dame* of 70. >,-) I gotta' take it easy. :-)))

Lovely sunset photos you have here!!! I love taking pictures with my little digital camera. As you can see, when/if you pop in at my other blogs.

Upper North East of US


smilnsigh said...

Oh ding it! My link to my Profile Page isn't working again. Oh bother! Must fix that, some way.

But here it is... done manually. :-) I hope it shows here.

And I think I fixed the setting, so it shows all the time.


smilnsigh said...

Yesssssss!! It's fixed!!!


Clare said...

Hi Sue

Wasn't it a fantastic day at Niki's?! I'm hoping with a little gentle persuasion she may entertain the idea of a Christmas Vintage Sale!

Well done on your first stint at the OTH and good luck with the books! Vintage books are usually a constant good seller, so I'm sure you'll do nicely!

Clare x

Ex-Shammickite said...

Looks like you were in your element browsing around all those lovely things for sale. And talking about elements.... did you get swamped with pouring rain today like the rest of the UK did? The N of England looks pretty bad.
And lovely sunset pictures, I love the sequence. I bet you would never have taken thos pictures with an oldfashioned film camera, what a difference digital makes!!

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
Lovely to see you and Paul on Friday - glad that you had a good time and many thanks again for your purchases and the beautifully put together gift that you gave me. x
I am now frantically trying to catch up with Blogging - you have several posts that I have missed - so appologies for no comments!
Good luck with the vintage books - sounds like a good idea....
Have a great week - fingers crossed for some sunshine and more lovely sunsets!
Niki x

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Beautiful pictures, with a sky like that I bet it was "storm" and rain the day after! LOL from Tyra in Sweden

Camplin said...

You can always find a good bit of drama in sky images. I love the images.