03 June 2007

New Beginnings ...

My second post of the day! This won't happen often but, owing to the escapades related in my last post, I can only do sitting-down things today, so here I am again.

Some of you may remember from previous posts that I used to be in one of the antiques centres in Somerton but left 3 months ago, putting the majority of my stock into Dairy House Antiques at Semley. Liz came with me and we're doing 'nicely, thank you' at Dairy House. However ... we have been offered a unit in the other Somerton centre and have decided to give it a try. Whilst we shall have our own individual items in there, we shall also be buying some pieces together and sharing the profits (if any!). We move in this coming Wednesday (foot permitting). It'll be interesting to see how it goes and how we get on with stock in 2 places once again. Time will tell ...

We are taking Unit 14 on the upper floor. It is adjacent to the Tearoom area which is, to our minds, the prime spot. Everyone sitting having morning coffee, lunch or afternoon tea and cakes will be able to gaze on our Unit and maybe spy something they need to look at more closely after their sustenance. Fingers crossed!

The lady who runs the Tearoom makes everything herself from the unusual soups to the superb cakes. Luckily we will only need to do one duty day each per month. Any more and I know the pounds would pile on again instead of hopefully continue to drop off. This is what Liz and I had for lunch on Friday when we went in to confirm we would be taking the space. Beautifully presented Broad Bean and Mint soup with some crusty bread and butter. Linda takes care with presentation and if you order a pot of tea it arrives in a vintage bone china teapot with water jug, milk, sugar and a pretty vintage teacup and saucer. Whilst coffee comes in a cafetiere, the cup and saucer will always be bone china. Lovely!

So, when you all decide to travel down the A303 to the West Country why not take a detour to Semley or, 40 minutes further on, visit Somerton and the Old Town Hall. There's sadly nothing for the tummy at Semley, but maybe you'll find plenty of soup for the soul instead!


Twinkle Pink said...

I am just catching up with you and am sorry to hear that you had a nasty fall ... what with you and your mum ... the walking wounded eh!

Good luck with the new shop!

best wishes Ginny

Ragged Roses said...

Good luck wit the new shop! Mmm I love broad beans!
Kim x