27 June 2007


On Saturday morning I shall be leaving home just before 7.00 in order to get to Bradford-on-Avon for 8 o'clock. I've booked a stand at the Antiques Fair/Flea Market there and the doors open for us to set up at 8.00am. I used to do this Fair when we lived just 20 minutes away and did quite well, but haven't done it since we moved. So ... we'll see how we get on. My last Fair coincided with the retirement of the the original organiser, and since then it has been advertised more widely, has booked more dealers and, thankfully, the number of people through the door has quadrupled.

If you live nearby you might like to visit - it's held at St Margaret's Hall! If you don't know this small town then do take a look here. It's a charming place, with some interesting buildings including an amazing tithe barn. According to the website it is at the southern-most tip of the Cotswolds (I didn't realise the Cotswolds stretched quite that far!), but as far as I'm concerned, it's just 8 miles from Bath and best of all Hannah lives there. So she'll be popping in to say hello at some point during the day which will be lovely as I haven't seen her for a few weeks.

I've spent the afternoon refreshing some of my linen stock that has been packed in boxes since April and needs some creases ironing out! I'm hoping that the same things still sell there, and will be taking some eiderdowns, quilts, embroidered and crochet-edged tablecloths etc and, my stock in trade, kitchenalia! This Fair is held every month and I guess there are 15-20 dealers there. So ... not huge, but quite jolly and friendly.

If I don't see you there, I'll see you here in a day or two!

Edit at 9.22pm! This is tonight's sky from the same position as the previous ones. Not a particularly inspiring foreground, I know, but it's what I look out onto if I turn to the left and look out of the window! These were taken one immediately after the other, to the left and right of the same rooftops. I think these houses on the opposite side of the road could end up as the most photographed silhouettes in England if we keep getting interesting evening skies ...


Clare said...

Hi Sue

Good luck at the fair, you never know, we may just surprise you on Saturday!

Beautiful sky - I've been huddled round the woodburner tonight with the curtains drawn, so no sky watching for me!

Clare x

Vintage to Victorian said...

Hi Clare

It'll be nice to see you if you decide to combine the 2 things on Saturday.

Sue x

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

OOh can't wait to see more photos!!

Twinkle Pink said...

It's a shame I missed you at Niki's but glad you got some really lovely goodies too.

Good luck at this up and coming fair. Will look forward to some pictures.

best wishes Ginny

Nonnie said...

Bradford and Avon is lovely. I visited earlier in the year as George was playing rugby not far away. I was hoping to do a craft fair there in July but unfortunately it's while we're on holiday so no good. I'm interested to hear about the regular antiques fairs though as once the rugby season starts again George will be playing a number of matches in that area(as well as Bradford itself, they play two clubs just outside Bath not far away) so I'll have to look out for them. Do you know if they continue into the Autumn?

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
I had planned on visiting B-on-A tomorrow (for a certain other event!) maybe I should have scheduled my visit for Saturday!!
Hope you do well, it sounds like you will be taking some lovely stock - I actually think the other event may help boost attendance, don't you think?
Niki x

Ragged Roses said...

Wonderful skies! Very wintry here tonight so we'll be drawing the curtains and not sky watching! Good luck at Bradford on Avon it looks very pretty.
Kim x

Ex-Shammickite said...

I'd love to visit you at Bradford on Avon but you're just a little bit too far on the other side of the Pond. Good luck with the sale, hope you sell everything!

lettuce said...

hi sue, i've really enjoyed catching up on your blog.

lovely lovely "stuff" - i'd so love to come to some of the west country fairs and markets with you and Donna...

and your sky pics are stunning.