01 July 2007

Sunny in Somerset ... Wet in Wiltshire

I can actually see blue sky and I think I saw the sun about half an hour ago here in Somerset! But, what a wet morning it was yesterday across the border! We all got absolutely drenched unloading our vehicles for the Antiques Fair. My raincoat (£3 charity shop find a couple of years ago) is still drying out. Thankfully I'd packed everything in plastic boxes or those large check zip-up laundry bags, so my stock kept dry. However, it gave the mood in the hall a sombre feel rather than that buzz that we all like ... and that continued for most of the day.

Sometimes you get a lot of jolly people through the doors who enjoy some friendly banter and general chat with the stallholders. Yesterday's crowd (I use the word advisedly) were more what's commonly known in the trade as "The Three P's" - pick up, put down and "move" off ... Having said that, I did OK. I sold an eiderdown (not for an Ebay price, I assure you!) and some odds and ends. No other large items though, and although I took some enamelware, Cornishware and jelly moulds, none sold, so my recent decision to not waste the time, effort and energy packing, unpacking and packing it all up again was justified and probably a sensible one. I won't take it to Bradford on Avon again - at least, not in quantity. Perhaps the odd pitcher with some fabric sticking out of the top, or a jelly mould filled with buttons or lace, but not a whole display. I've been asked to take some damask tablecloths next time (what a relief, as I have enough to cover a football pitch!), some fabric oddments suitable for patchwork and some small needlework items such as needlecases and pincushions.

It's quite interesting to watch people when they're looking at your stock. Some get really keen and you hear lots of 'ooohs' and 'aaahs'. Others stand well back and gaze, avoid your eye and move on or, sometimes unexpectedly pick up an item, pay for it, say thanks and go, avoiding 'chatting' at all costs. I always like to talk to people that come to my stand - for several reasons ... out of politeness; because I'm enthusiastic (usually) about what I'm selling; because it can sometimes help with a sale, and because it's much more fun than sitting with my head in a book or newspaper ignoring everyone which, believe it or not, is what some stallholders do. I'm always glad to get home and put my feet up for half an hour because I realise I have probably not sat down all day. I appreciate that not everyone visiting a Fair wants to engage in conversation, but equally I'm sure they don't all want to be totally invisible. I know I don't when I go to a Fair to buy, unless I'm doing a whistle-stop whizz round a large one with very little time. But if I'm wandering and appear to have all the time in the world, then I like to chat. At the end of the day this is my job! It's what I do! If I don't do it to the best of my ability, and put in the required effort, then I'm not doing it properly and I won't succeed! And I need to succeed. I couldn't face the thought of having to go back to a 'routine' job. I'm too old and stuck in my ways now(!!!), would struggle with a regular timetable, and certainly (as some of you will know) don't like being told what to do!!!!!

Today must be a day of sorting ... I need to see my sitting room floor once again, and the spare bedroom (unlikely because of the embroidery threads and cross stitch kits), but it's quite nice sitting here chatting instead! I think I might have to change P's name to MHTM (my husband the martyr) as he has so little space to call his own here at the moment, not even room in the garage and I've just noticed I've even encroached onto his desk here in the office! What a life he must lead, poor man!!!!

I've rather waffled this morning, haven't I. So I should repay your generosity in staying to the end by posting some photos! I took them at the Fair when I finally decided I didn't like my stand but there was nothing I could do about it. Then someone told me how nice it looked so perhaps it wasn't that bad after all. It looked messy to me, but who's to say. One man's mess can another man's bliss or ... a stallholders nightmare can be a browser's sweetie shop!


Rose Vintage said...

Hi Sue, well I wish you were nearer to me 'cos I would be visiting all the fairs! We don't seem to have anything like it here in Kent!


Clare said...

Hi Sue, The 3 P's - is not the third one 'push off'...?

Everything looked great - here's to better weather for the next one. I always enjoy a good chat to stallholders. Mind you sometimes I'll realise I've chatting away and not looking and then have to make up for lost time!!!

Clare x

photowannabe said...

Well Sue, I'm sorry you didn't sell more and that the "crowd" wasn't...but that's the life of the seller. When hubby and I do flea markets we would just die if we couldn't engage people in conversation. That's half the fun of the whole thing.
You do have a lot of stuff, I must say.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue,
Thank you for visiting my blog. I love the stuff that you sell. Wish I was still living in UK as there seems to be a great interest in these flea market/car bootsales/craft fairs etc., We don't really get that sort of thing here. It has been tried but doesn't work for some reason.
Cheers for now and I will visit you again.

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
Having seen the full hall and your lovely stand I wish I could have come to visit after all...if only for a chat!!
I like the sound of a jelly mould full of buttons and lace - (just like my GORGEOUS pressie!!) You should try that next time...

I can't believe the price eiderdowns are selling for on eBay - I always struggle to sell ANY at the fairs - even when immaculate!!

Hope it will be better for you at the next B-on-A fair - I shall try to come along....
Niki x