24 July 2007

What a Day ...

... Well, it started off with the sun shining! Actually, no, it started with me taking Mum to the Garden Centre on Sunday morning! The people who owned her house before her used the whole of the back garden for veggies. That's all very well, but despite being a vegetarian, Mum decided she really wanted to fill the garden with shrubs, trees and tall things to block out anything she didn't want to see in neighbouring gardens (although she quite likes the look of ours which is something!).

So I took her to buy plants ... but my Suzuki Wagon R will only hold so many (even though I can fill a 12ft x 8ft pitch at the antiques fairs out of the back of it) and we had to have some delivered (including the 6ft+ tall pine tree, a bamboo, and numerous other 'large' shrubs). These arrived in the rain at what seemed like crack of dawn yesterday, and having looked at the internetty weather forecast I saw that Tuesday has a big yellow thing instead of the grey cloud things with vertical lines underneath (rain and heavy rain) that were indicated for every other day of the week. So ... thinking today MIGHT be fine, Pauley bought some new wellies yesterday (his old ones are somewhere at the back of the garage and have been there since 6 July last year when we moved here and it would have taken a day to find them) so that he could clear the compost heap which Mum didn't want! We're gaining about 3 lbs of potatoes out of it which is nice!

And this morning it WAS sunny. So armed with spades, forks, rakes and gardening gloves we set to, and planted all but 4 of her purchases. And she had bought so many that she qualified for free delivery AND a 10% discount! So we're talking major planting here! We started about 10.30 and finished at 2.00 and planted as if today was going to be the only fine day of the summer - which it probably will be.

I have to admit that I then sat in the chair and woke up an hour later! And proceeded to sort through website stuff and then paint a Lloyd Loom type bedside cupboard/table thing which no-one has seen fit to buy and which is going to fit perfectly between the basin and the loo in our bathroom. I've just stopped and am now quite hungry. Having just looked out of the bedroom window I'm quite impressed with the planting next door. Our birds-eye view shows we positioned everything well!!!!

I have a feeling I'm going to be stiff tomorrow, but it has been good to get out in the fresh air and enjoy a wee bit of sun for a change.

No photos today - flat battery again. I keep forgetting to unplug the camera from the computer when I've uploaded photos. Silly me!


bigbikerbob said...

Hi, I'm not in the least bit technical but my grandson got us a lead to plug the camera in to the mains then you don't flatten its own batteries.Looking forward to your next pics. By the way your a Fuchsia lover ar'nt you then check out my blog,keep up the good work.

photowannabe said...

A wonderful way to get stiff muscles. Your Mum will be so happy with your new garden. I am amazed by all the rain happening. Try to stay dry.

Libbys Blog said...

Looks like we have all been up to the same thing. One sunny day and we all go mad, trying to fit into it everything we would normally do in a week!!!
I must admit I'm suffering a bit today!!!!

Cherry Menlove said...

Yes, I think we are all feeling the affects of this summer. It has been awful to watch all the villages under so much water. I miss the sun I must admit and really hope that August and September are baking!
Cherry xxx

Nonnie said...

You sound a bit like the 'Ground Force' team. Shame you didn't have Alan Titchmarsh there to help you!

Clare said...

Hi Sue

Sounds like quite a transformation! I look forward to seeing it soon - I'm sure we'll manage a visit in the near future!

Clare x

Ex-Shammickite said...

You must be so glad to see a bit of sunshine after so much rain! I hope the old muscles aren't aching too much this morning, sfter all that vigourous digging, but I'm sure the garden looks lovely and it will flourish, especially after all the rain.
Now, who
s going to do the weeding.... you or Mum?

see you there! said...

Sounds like a lot of work but rewarding in its own way. I'm sure your Mother is thrilled that you accomplished so much in one day.

Now go spiff up those batteries so we can see it all.


Curlew Country said...

Team gardening is fab isn't it. My mum helped me to sort out mine last year when I was pregnant (she loves tackling new gardens) and this year its been glorious - until the rains flattened everything that it. Hope you're not too achey today.
Steph X