16 July 2007

The Visit and an Evening Out ...

I'm suddenly aware that I need to be posting so that we can hit the 100th post in time for Gillie to draw the winner's name out of the basket. So, this is No 98. The last few days have been quite hectic, starting with digging my way into the spare bedroom to find the bed in readiness for Gillie's visit. Thankfully we have twin beds in this room and one bed was already made up - it just needed some freshly ironed linen pillowcases to make it ready for someone tired after a journey down straight from work in Northampton on a Friday evening! The room itself was a different matter (stock everywhere!!!!).

She arrived earlier than expected but I'd just finished hoovering her room when she got here. But having Gillie to stay makes us feel as if we have a flatmate. She is the perfect guest inasmuch as she makes her own coffee, doesn't feel she has to ask for anything and is quite happy to make a meal for us all. Which is what she has done ever since she arrived on Friday!!! I love it when she comes!!! We've known each other since 1972 when we both lived in "former lives". I was fairly recently married to hubby No 1 and she was about to marry her now ex hubby! We've been 'Christmas card friends' over the years - but the sort who usually included a handwritten letter. After a few traumas 6 or 7 years ago she visited for a weekend - the first ever - and this was the first time that she and Pauley met. They have got on famously since that time. It makes life so much easier when everyone gets on, doesn't it.

We set up a blog for Gillie yesterday, but she hasn't added a description or an 'About Me' page yet, so you'll probably have to wait until she's back home before you can see what she has to say. She gave us a beautiful picture as a belated Pearl Wedding Anniversary gift. She is a very spiritual person and makes amazing pictures from agate slabs, crystal chips and ... well, I'll take a photo tomorrow and you'll see for yourselves.

It was the start of the Somerton Festival on Saturday and in the evening Mum and I went here

The Choir was absolutely fantastic. The only criticism I have is that they didn't sing Calon Lan which is my all-time favourite Welsh song. Dad used to sing it when I was young and I learned the words (after a fashion). He and I used to sing it often. I loved it, and to hear it now is a 'hairs on the back of the neck' moment, bearing in mind Dad died in 1973. A Welsh MVC comes to Somerton every year, so as soon as I know which choir is coming next year I think I shall write to them with a request. Mum loved every moment, and we came home laden with CDs (one each of the one with 'the' song on).

Tomorrow's post might also contain a couple of flower photos and yet another request. There was a weird white spider on one of Mum's osteospermums this evening. I've taken a photo. Is it a friend or a nasty?

I took a photo of some lovely fluffy clouds this evening (nothing much in the way of a sunset tonight), but the photo didn't do them justice, although it was another excellent photo of the roof and chimney pots opposite!

Until tomorrow ...

Updated already ... I've only just realised that I photographed the tickets for the Welsh choir on a cushion I made from an offcut of a Welsh blanket. I amaze me sometimes!


Clare said...

Hi Sue,

Nice to hear you're enjoying some quality time with Gillie!

100th post?! I haven't even done half that many!!!

Clare x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Sue,
Glad that you are enjoying your guest! - What's for dinner tonight?!
Glad that you had a great evening out too.

Not sure I will be tuning in for the spider!!....
Niki x

Ex-Shammickite said...

I love the sound of a Welsh MVC. My friend's dad sang in the Toronto MVC and I've been to a number of their concerts, what a glorious sound. Unfortunately, he passed away last year, and the chior sang at his Memorial Service at Dewi Sant, the Welsh Church in Toronto. Spellbinding sound.
That's weird about the blogger post counting thingy, I must look, I haven't even counted mine.