03 July 2007

Blue Skies Smiling at Me ... Nothing but Blue Skies Do I See ...

(Title courtesy of Irving Berlin!)

Today I had a Day Off and met a friend in Lacock. When P and I lived in Wiltshire a suitable midway point for us to meet was Marlborough, but according to the AA routefinder Lacock was 51 miles from Anne's home and 53 miles from mine with a difference of only 3 minutes in our travel time. So, Lacock it was. Having driven through torrential rain with the headlights on and the wipers going at the fastest speed I got to Lacock to find Anne and sunshine! I took my camera so I could show you some photos of this lovely National Trust village well known as the location for numerous period dramas. But we had so much to catch up on (14 months-worth in fact) that I didn't think about photos until I was almost home.

So ... having been unable to take a picture of a particularly beautiful panorama spreading all across the Somerset Levels which I see every time I come home from the Shepton Mallet direction (how dare someone drive right close behind me when I wanted to stop in the middle of the road and take a photo!!) I pulled off the road by a field gate and found the above ... a field of sweetcorn standing about 12 inches high. I'm not sure how clear the distance photos will be, but the hill on the horizon which you may or may not see is Glastonbury Tor. The last countryside photo is a hill which reminds me of Capability Brown every time I pass it because of the way the trees are planted. I may be stretching the imagination here, but it works for me! Not a particularly good photo, but it gives you an idea of where Somerton fits into the English countryside.

I really took the photos to show the amazing blue sky which is something all of us in the UK have been sorely missing this "summer". I'm so glad I went out today because had I stayed at home I'd have apparently sat through more torrential rain and a thunderstorm. The penultimate photo is one of the hebes in our garden just coming into flower, and the last one is that most photographed rooftop with a suspicious-looking black cloud creeping in! But the sun is still shining ... AND ... the goldfinches are sitting on the telephone wires again, twittering away to their hearts' content!

Hope you've all had a jolly day, too!


Alison said...

Nice to see a bit of blue sky for a change:-)
Alison x

Anonymous said...

Oh sue, i did so need to see that sky. as a matter of fact my blog today was going to be a long running complaint about the weather but it was too depressing so im saving it for another day, maybe we will have sunshine by then.

Cat said...

The blue skies song! That is the song my husband sang to me on our first long motorcycle ride thru a Spring storm! We went from the top of Utah to Las Vegas in the Spring time and got rain rain rain and we got snowed on at the Grand Canyon! Burrr is was cold, but love prevailed!

Your corn looks wonderful!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a lovely day! I hope you all get some sunshine soon ... maybe you could send us a wee bit of your rain ~ not too much though! :) ♥

Twinkle Pink said...

I'm so fed up with this rain.
Looks like it might be looking up for Friday.

Love your pictures though, we can pretend that it really looks like that outside:))

best wishes Ginny

Clare said...

Hi Sue

Glad you found some sun and blue sky - please send some to Oxfordshire!

I'm told Lacock is beautiful and the abbey is worth a visit. Apparently lacock is old Camilla's home village - not that I would be interested in seeing her!!!

Clare x

Ragged Roses said...

Thank you for the blue skies! The sun came out for a while yesterday and took me by surprise, I had almost forgotten it was summer.
Kim x

smilnsigh said...

"(how dare someone drive right close behind me when I wanted to stop in the middle of the road and take a photo!!)"

-giggles- I hear you!!!!


photowannabe said...

Glad you had some blue skies to recharge you.
Very nice pictures and a nice story to go with it.