11 July 2007

I've Been Tagged ...

... by Chris. Thanks Chris!

So, 8 random things about me ...

I learned to drive when I was 13 and then spent 4 interminably long years waiting to get my provisional licence and get out on the road! I still love driving.

I taught YTS Clerical Trainees for 4 years.

I don't have a passport (nor does hubby)! My shocked sister-in-law says we must be the only people in existence who don't.

I intended revising everything for my English Literature GCE the night before the exam ... but I had left all my books at school. So apart from knowing that "The Rover" was written by Joseph Conrad, Browning had 30 poems published in one book, and Shakespeare wrote "A Midsummer Night's Dream" I had very little to draw on to write about on the day!

Once upon a time I could type at 124 wpm and take shorthand dictation at 140 wpm. As far as the shorthand was concerned I was fine provided I didn't concentrate. If I did, then I got in a mess! I got on far better if I planned what I was going to do during my lunchbreak or after work. However, if my boss ever asked me to read back what he said I was stumped, because I hadn't been consciously listening to his words and so had no idea how far back to go on my page of scribbles. I think all my bosses must have despaired.

I used to love Cheddar cheese and Heinz tomato sauce sandwiches (white bread with lashings of butter). Obviously no good for the waistline though so they're not a regular "must have" these days.

I have an annoying (apparently) whistle. Totally out of tune, but when I'm concentrating on something I don't know I'm doing it. But it's not a normal whistle. I breathe in, instead of out!

I hate lifts and escalators. I don't like confined spaces, hence not liking lifts, and was always OK with escalators until I tried to go down one with a 2-year-old Hannah in my arms. I put my hand on the rail, but my feet 'froze' at the top and we were practically horizontal before I managed to right myself. Very scary at the time and 30 years later I still prefer someone going down in front of me.

So, that's it. Nothing earth-shattering but some are perhaps a tad worrying! Perhaps one or two of them made you laugh, or reminded you of yourselves?

I am now supposed to tag 8 people. I apologise if you've been tagged before. I think most people have by now, but if you can bear it, please carry on tagging ...

Clare, Kelly, Jane, Alison, Mari-Nanci, Jennifer, Sophie and Mary


Rosy Inspiration said...

Hi, Sue,

Thanks for your kind comments on my blog. Yes, I'm a rose fanatic, especially English Roses and I've been taking thousands of pictures of them outdoors and indoors. The room with the wicker chairs on either side is our (hubbie and I) bedroom, it is rather relaxing to sit and talk in those wicker chairs. I enjoy your blog and reading some little things about you that make you special.

Clare said...

Hi Sue

Thanks for tagging me - now I shall have to go off and have a think...!

Clare x

PS. Don't forget to try the toasted currant buns and ketchup!!

Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Sue-loved your list! How exciting this is my first tag! I feel like a proper blogger now!!!

buttercup&roses said...

Hi Sue, I dont have a passport either!!

I have got some vintage union jack bunting!! its a bit whiffy, its been in the barn for a couple of years but if you think your customer might be interested let me know.