09 July 2007

Searching ...

You're all so good at coming up with suggestions and help when I'm looking for information, so do you think you could do it again, please? My mannequin customer (you'll remember them if you've been following!!) has me on another mission: VINTAGE UNION JACK BUNTING and other FLAGS. I'm already checking Ebay but am in need of 'quantity'!

I have to say a big thank you to Anna for sending me some information on Caroline Testout. More on that later.

By the way, I've been tagged so I'll be back later or tomorrow with some amazing facts you didn't know about me! Can you cope with the suspense?

1 comment:

buttercup&roses said...

I did have a load of old union jack bunting!
I will ask my other half if I still have it somewhere...
I'll be in touch,with mannequin pics, I promise!