06 July 2007

A Year in Somerset ...

We've been in this house a year today. Amazing! To mark the occasion we moved the fridge from the utility room into the kitchen!! So we are currently minus a worktop which, when replaced, will be half the size it's been for the last year, but at least we no longer have to negotiate two doorways, our arms loaded with whatever we need to make a meal or have a cuppa! I rather like it and although our kitchen isn't a cosy one, it does at last feel like a kitchen!

The best part of all though, is the fact that the piles of linen I need to launder ready for selling can now go straight into the utility room (which was, of course, the initial plan!) and not take up valuable living room space. Once I get some shelving fixed I shall be so organised ... Maybe this could be the start to getting a tidy house. Please don't hold your breath waiting for "a corner of my home" because I assure you it won't be fit for blog viewing for some considerable time yet.

However, if you can bear to wait a few more days ... I shall soon be writing my 100th post and in time-honoured blog fashion there'll be a little giveaway for the name picked out of one of my vintage wicker baskets. My friend G is coming down from Northampton next weekend for a week's holiday. I think I shall ask her to pick the winning name. Usual thing - post a comment and the names will go into the basket. This is post number 93, so it won't be long ... I'm not sure what the giveaway will be yet, but I have a few days to decide!!

We're off to a party tomorrow evening - our lovely former next door neighbours have moved and are combining celebrations for their joint 50th birthdays with a house-warming. We're looking forward to plenty of fun and laughter ... and Helen and my favourite tipple. We had a stone 'gin bench' in the garden at our old cottage and H and I would often have a 6 o'clock G&T and put the world to rights. She and I do miss those times. We've had some nice neighbours over the years, and some not so nice, but H & M were the nicest, kindest, most caring of all, and it took a lot of courage for us to finally decide to move and leave them behind.

Hope you all have a jolly weekend, too!


photowannabe said...

What a lovely tribute to your friends. Have fun visiting and remembering.
Good for you getting organized. have only been in our house 2 weeks but its finally coming together. Need to buy a few more lamps and 2 livingroom chairs, paint a few rooms and put up pictures and we will be more or less moved in. Its sort of fun but its been months of packing and unpacking. I want to be finished and just enjoy our home. then I will be ready to show a few pictures.

Camplin said...

Reviewing your blog, I see a wonderful sense of growth, a sense of collecting fine things and living a full life. Thanks for stopping by from my little shout to the world.

Rose Vintage said...

Hope you had a lovely time. Your gin bench struck a chord with me!My neighbour Lu and I often get togther for a cheeky little glass of sauvignon blanc of an early evening! So hope you catch up with your friend and put the world to rights once again!