03 June 2007

Hop-a-long Cassidy and the One Armed Bandit

Are you ready for this?

Not only does Somerton have one mother with 2 fractures of the right arm, but I fell off the steps when I was painting my room at Dairy House Antiques yesterday afternoon. I had been so careful the other 2 days when I was painting, making sure I was at the bottom before moving away from the steps. Yesterday afternoon I was doing an extra 'duty' as the normal dealer wasn't available, and trying to paint at the same time. A blob of paint dripped down between my room and the next and I was concerned it may have gone onto another dealer's stock, so hurried down the steps, tried to compete with mum and walk on air, and ended up flying through the air, sending Dolores (or was it Daphne - the 2nd of my mannequins which has sold and was waiting to be collcted) flying. Bless her, she broke my fall and I ended up with 2 grazed arms and a right foot that really hurt.

Stupid, wasn't it. Especially as I'd been telling myself for half an hour beforehand that I had to be careful as I was the only person there and if I fell no-one would be there to help me. Despite my landing on top of her, Dolores is still in one piece. It could have been a lot worse - I ended a good 8 feet away from the bottom of the steps. Stalwart to the end, I carried on painting but was aware my foot was getting more uncomfortable. By the time I'd driven home I couldn't walk and spent the rest of the evening being waited on "hand and foot".

The fun part came later. I'm still sleeping at Mum's as she's still unable to dress/undress properly and is a wee bit anxious on the stairs. So ... with P on one arm and a walking stick in the other hand I shuffled/hopped/limped next door. P did all the running up and down stuff that needed to be done, Mum got herself upstairs with me crawling (literally) up behind her. The problem was, how to stand up once I got to the top. She and I were absolutely convulsed with laughter (which doesn't help, of course!), and even P joined in at one point. Finally the right people were in the right beds, and with P calling out "Lights off in the dorm, girls", he locked us in and went home.

Thankfully I can put my foot down flat this morning, it's not swollen, and provided I don't do anything too stupid, I should be OK for the coming week's hectic schedule!! More of that in another post - I may manage 2 today.

Sorry there are no photos - there were some rare sights that would have made good viewing - but I'll make sure I have my camera next time!

Have a jolly day ...


see you there! said...

Oopsie! Sure sounds like you took a rough tumble. I hope your foot and ankle don't continue to give you any problems.


Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

I'm not laughing honestly Sue!!
You poor thing, you really should be more careful!! That's your trouble, always trying to do too much!
(Clare emailed me the other night, to say you had had a little accident! - so I was prepared for this post!)
Glad it wasn't too serious and you will mend fairly quickly I am sure...
So glad Dolores is OK too!
Take care and have an uneventful week next week! (Well wishes to your Mum too.)
Niki x

Mary said...

So sorry you had such a fall - you and Mum must be anxious to get life back to normal, whatever that may be! Do be careful - as my dear Mum used to say "take more water with it next time"!!

Enjoyed reading about the lovely wedding in such bucolic surroundings - so pretty as only the West Country can be in Spring.

Take care and get well soon.

Gigibird said...

poor old you!

Touch wood, fingers crossed etc I have not fallen off my steps, but as most of my painting is on the skirting boards it's not falling down - it's getting up that poses the problem:)

It's funny how painting is such a pain but once it's finished and everything looks marevellous I always wondered why I kept putting it off

OhSoVintage said...

Poor you - good old Dolores/Daphne for breaking your fall. It seems everyone has been painting this week, there must be something in the air. Good luck at your new unit and yes, what a prime location.

Ragged Roses said...

Oh Sue! Have you tried arnica ointment! You shouldn't make this post sound so amusing though - thank heavens for Dolores (or was it Daphne)? Please take it easy.
Kim x

photowannabe said...

Thank Heavens for Daphne. Poor dear. Glad you are recovering and your event sounds like a keystone comedy routine.
I am really sorry its been such a rough week for you but your description put a smile on my face.