08 June 2007

What Have I Done ... ?

Well, it's like this ...

Not one to miss a bargain ... I have temporarily diversified and have bought a huge amount of cross-stitch kits, aida fabric in packs, and enough DMC silks and threads to embroider round the world at least once. All courtesy of a shop which is, itself, diversifying. Eh, voila ...

The tip of the iceberg ... I have no idea how many skeins there are here,
but the box is filled to a depth of about 12"

A tablecloth with cherries to cross-stitch, some mini alphabet packs,
pencil cases, bags and purses in this box

More ... and more ... and there's still some in the shop waiting to be collected!

So, what do you think? Have I gone totally mad? Does this make it official? Have I really bitten off more than I can chew? Will it sell? Shall I try Ebay/Fairs/my website which, if it ever gets built will be a miracle/or none of the above?

All the kits are marked with the shop prices and I intend to market them at half the marked prices. If there are any cross-stitchers out there who are desperate for the odd kit or 50, do let me know. Prices will range from £1.00 to £15.00 based on half ticket prices for the kits.

I shall be taking some of them to the Shaftesbury & Gillingham Show on Sunday in the hope that I don't bring them all back home again, and plenty more will be going to the Giant Flea the following Sunday. Obviously I can't take this sort of thing to the 3-day Antiques Fair but, as the next one isn't until September, I'm not too concerned about that!

I popped into the Old Town Hall and added a few more items ... and I'VE SOLD SOMETHING already. An HM Govt enamel pint measuring jug for £8.00. Well ... it's a start! And I don't intend to retire just yet.

Funny day all round, really.

If anyone is in the vicinity of Shaftesbury on Sunday why not visit the Show. I can't tell you anything about it, except that it's at the Motcombe Showground between Shaftesbury and Gillingham. I've never been to it before either as a stallholder or as a paying member of the public. I assume it's a small agricultural show sort of thing. Fun for all the family I would imagine.


photowannabe said...

You have done well. I think you will sell everything, especially at half the price.
Good luck at your shows. you are quite the business woman.

Clare said...

Hi Sue,

It all looks very colourful! I'm sure you will sell it at those prices!

Good luck at the show on Sunday - are you planning a raindance?!

Clare x

inspired said...

Hope all goes well 4U ;o]

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Very colorful, and you will def. sell it!

I wish I was in the neighborhood, would LOVE to go to the show.:)


Alison said...

Hi Sue,
Heaven pure heaven!!
I would be interested in a mixed bag if embroidery threads...I get through it so quickly.
Kits I tend to make my own designs up but 14 or 16 count white or cream aida would be very good indeed.
Let me know your prices:-)
Take care,
Alison x

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

hehe....you are so funny Sue...temporarily diversifying indeed!
Good luck with it all, I am sure you will do well - you are normally a good judge!

See you soon.
Niki x

see you there! said...

Hope the show on Sunday went well for you. Did you sell a lot of that colorful cross stitch material?


Mrs. G said...

how could you have passed up all those boxes and boxes...and boxes...of wonderful colour?!